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A college golf consultant can help you find the right answers to the following questions: Are you concerned about college golf scholarship opportunities or roster spots? How can our family create more exposure for our junior golfer? In which Division (I, II or III) of collegiate golf should my son or daughter play? What should my junior golfer’s summer schedule look like? Are you confused regarding all the NCAA rules? College Golf Consulting 101 will address all these questions and help your family make the right decisions.

Parent Testimonial

To give Jim Kelson a referral is one of the easiest things as parents we have ever done. Jim is not only advising our son Kyle to find the right golf team and coach but is also collaborating with our academic college advisor to find the best overall college experience for him as well. Jim understands the complete student athlete experience—the positives and the negatives, the in’s and the out’s—he is able to advise and support Kyle in every single aspect of the collegite and golf team search process.

We unfortunately started off on the wrong path with a different college golf advisor, one that came highly recommended. From the very first meeting with the former advisor something felt very wrong and we didn’t realize just how wrong it was until being introduced to Jim Kelson. The day we met Jim was like a light bulb went off for our entire family, needless to say we hired Jim immediately. From the very beginning it has been the most positive and supportive relationship. Jim’s dedication assisting Kyle to pursue his goals and dreams, while being honest and direct has been a great experience. Jim is a great role model to our son, he is calm , cool and collected at all times. If any parent is in the process of searching for a golf advisor for your child, please put Jim at the very top of the list. We have met many smart, talented and insightful people in the golf world and Jim Kelson is for sure one of the best.

Please feel free to contact Rod (202-413-8108) or Kim at (301-351-3722) if you have any questions.

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Meet The Founder

From 1998 to 2018 Coach Kelson served as the Head Men's Golf Coach at the University of Tennessee. His team won the 2007 SEC Championship and he was named SEC Coach of the Year. After turning professional, Coach Kelson's former players have won 11 events on the PGA Tour, European PGA Tour, and the Tour. Two former players captured the 2013 British Amateur and low amateur at the 2014 Masters. Additionally, former players made 6 Masters appearances. One former player earned a coveted spot on the 2006 Ryder Cup team.

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We assist junior golfers in their college golf scholarship search. We can answer any questions you may have regarding junior golf development as well as the NCAA recruiting process. Our organization can help you create more exposure for your junior golfer. We will save you considerable time and money by researching the various programs your junior golfer is interested in attending. Our organization has relationships with hundreds of coaches throughout the country. We serve as a permissible (by NCAA rules) liaison between your family and college coaches.

Mark Dorman – Medina, Ohio

“Deciding to work with Jim Kelson was the best decision we made in my Son’s senior year of High School golf. It was obvious to me that Jim truly cared about our Son’s improvement, and it showed throughout our sessions with Jim. Jim’s vast coaching experience brings a ton of credibility to every interaction with a high school golfer- My Son ‘listened’ to every word Coach Kelson has to say. I highly recommend to any player & parent work with Jim Kelson - you will be glad you did!”

Rocky Hambric – CEO, Hambric Sports Group

I have known Jim Kelson for almost 30 years and I have scouted and recruited many of his college players over those years. I have always observed Jim to be an extremely knowledgeable golf coach, who cares a great deal for his players and their futures. Jim is both an excellent judge of golf talent and an experienced developer of talented players. His years of top level college coaching would be invaluable to a young player seeking to play college golf.

Chris Paisley – PGA European Tour Winner

My four years at UT were the most important years of my golfing career. Coach Kelson and his program provided me with all the help and tools I needed to improve as a golfer. But most importantly, I grew as a person. Without doubt, I would not be a successful golfer without those four years at UT under Coach Kelson’s guidance.

Tommy and Jan Holmes

From the very first meeting in your office until the 18th green at the NCAA you have garnered our upmost respect. The experiences David has had at the University of Tennessee are beyond mere words. The guidance and instruction that has been provided to him has led him to become a better golfer as well as fostered his personal growth. You and your staff have provided the upmost support to David every step of the way. We had a challenging conversation one time in which I gained even more respect for the integrity you possess.

Ros and Phil Ford

With your guidance, patience, honesty, encouragement, love, work ethic, affection and fatherly advice throughout the 4 years he arrived back with us just as we would have hoped. There is no doubt that the 4 years spent under your guidance are making him into the golfer he craves to be and it was testament to both Bryce and yourself that he won his first Pro Tournament in Turkey and we were all so proud of him.

Patty and Phil Pettitt

Phil and I want to thank you for every single thing that you have done for our son Philip and for us! Since the July day in 2003 when you first came to our home to recruit Philip you have always done exactly what you said you would do every step of the way throughout his college/golf years with you. Thank you Coach K for pursuing our Philip to come play golf for you at the University of Tennessee. You have been an outstanding example and role model of honesty, integrity, organization and exceptional values for Philip since the day he arrived at the University of Tennessee in late August of 2004 until he graduated last December.